The World of Scent Hunters

This area is all about the ancient extraterrestrial civilization that Carter and her friends look for on planet Thror. As a stop motion animator, I needed to make the characters with my own hands in order to be able to write about them. Now I have a crowd of ancient Throrians living in my house! Take a look at the character photos and descriptions below. Where do you think you would belong if you were and ancient Throrian? Let me know in the comments!

About Thror

Ancient Thror was divided into two main areas, the Nothingness of the Barren Surface, populated by tribes of so-called “Furry Giants” and the subterranean realm, which was occupied by a profoundly sophisticated amphibious civilization divided into nine social classes called “Strata.” All Stratinites wore complex, long-nosed masks that protected their sensitive breathing mechanisms when above water and represented their status and role. Long, colorful cerata streamed from their heads like hair, absorbing oxygen and nutrients from the air and water. I will be introducing you to all the different Strata, starting from the deepest levels and traveling up to the crust.

The Base Strata

The three Stratinites below represent the three lowest levels of Throrian society – the Extractors, the Tunnellers, and the Metalworkers. These names were given to the Strata by the earliest Earthian explorers who first visited Thror in the 1920s.

Stratum 9
The Extractors spend almost their entire lives submerged in underground streams, sifting sand infused with priceless Gunnarium metal particles, found only on planet Thror.Stratum 7The Metalworkers melt, weld and sculpt the metals found by the Extractors, creating much of the furniture, jewelry, weapons, tableware and even books used throughout the Strata.
Stratum 8The Tunnellers hew massive tunnels that stretch for miles through the frozen core of the planet and maintain the interstratal transport passages. Their snout-like masks protect them from the cold and dust.

The Middle Strata

Stratum 6The Artists work both the metals and minerals of Thror to create sculpture, relief carving, mosaics, architecture and textile designs. They are responsible for the sophisticated beauty of the Nine Strata. They design the masks for all Nine Strata and use their own masks to show off their skills.

Stratum 4The Treasurers are responsible for maintaining, calculating and increasing the wealth of the Nine Strata. They establish trade relations with many other galaxies and are valued for their intellect, quick-wittedness and diplomatic abilities.

Stratum 5The Scientists create all the scents of Thror. That includes personal scents, mood scents, formal scents for public speeches and dark scents such as poisons and nose-clouders. Although they are among the middle Strata their secret power is immense and they bear no fragrance of their own. As the Throrians say, “Silent of step and silent of scent, such is the way of the Scientists.”

The Top Strata

And now, on to the highest and mightiest Strata, the Military, Nobility, and the King himself!

Stratum 3The third Stratum is occupied by the Military – the army of planet Thror. Their armor is designed to maintain the necessary level of moisture for long journeys on dry land, and is light and flexible enough for both running and swimming. Each of their sensitive cerata is enclosed in an individual sheath of pure Bjornium plates. Their scaly masks have short, sturdy, practical beaks. Their main weapons are poison darts and collapsible nets on long poles.

Stratum 2
Members of the second Stratum, the Nobility, hold most of the wealth and power of Thror in their webbed hands. The Vizier is always chosen from among the second Stratum. Their impracticably long, ornate beaks, flowing robes, and floor-length, iridescent cerata are a mark of their privileged position and life of luxury and leisure. They are all ambitious, competitive, and dream of occupying the throne.

Stratum 1The first and highest Stratum has only one member – the king. This image shows King Loreval the Magnificent, the uniter of the Nine Strata and the most legendary ruler of Thror. He is responsible for Thror’s Golden Age, but his glorious facade hides dark and terrible secrets.