Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2018! I hope you’ve had a wonderful and productive year. I’ve certainly been busy this year and want to take this opportunity to share some of my most exciting 2017 adventures and thrilling 2018 plans with you! I’m back in New York! After seven years in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’ve …

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Feasting Like an Archaeovoyeur

I don’t merely observe the world like an Archaeovoyeur, I try to eat like one too. I’m not sure what that makes me - an Archaeomangeur perhaps? Either way, I can’t cook a holiday meal anymore without frantically seeking out some moldering manuscript, copied by the hands of medieval monks on genuine parchment and preferably …

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Mummy Love: Cleopatra as Cinema’s First Mummy

Halloween is my favorite day of the year and I spend most of October preparing to celebrate this glorious day of darkness, monstrousness and decay. Hoping to scare my friends into the holiday mood I planned to make this post as bloodcurdling as I possibly could. And what better way to scare an archaeology lover …

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